Over 40 unique and powerful retrospective formats beautifully curated for you.

Search, browse, preview, pick and then implement a new retrospective format, in seconds. Welcome to Mindful Team’s just-launched Retrospective Format Marketplace.

Over the last few months, Mindful Team has been collecting, detailing and categorising over 40 of the most popular retrospective formats from (and for) the scrum master and team leader community.

Whether you’re a scrum master, team leader, agile coach or small business owner, our marketplace is the place to discover a new format, or add your own.

Visit the Retrospective Format Marketplace.

Why did we launch the Format Marketplace? When we began working on it, the launch of our Format Marketplace had three aims:

  1. Share our knowledge

Effective retrospectives need great formats. Through our work on Mindful Team, The Retrospective Game, and helping a number of clients directly, the team at Mindful (that’s me, and Emma [LinkedIn link]) have created lots of different formats to work for different company or product stages. We wanted a way to standardise and share these formats with the scrum master community.

  1. Create a community

We wanted to create a space for the whole community to discover new formats that can help improve their retrospectives, but we also wanted this to be a space which the community can contribute to. Whether that’s reviewing, rating, discussing, sharing or submitting a retrospective, we wanted to give you the tools to do it.

  1. Help people learn about Mindful Team

And of course, we wanted people to hear about Mindful Team’s mission to make 1,000,000 teams happier. The directory allows you to start a team retrospective with any of the formats in less than 60 seconds.

What you’ll find in the marketplace

  • A collection of over 40 formats
  • The format name, outline, and creator
  • Preview the format visually
  • Save the format
  • Rate or review the format
  • Start a retrospective with the format in just 60 seconds
  • Submit your own formats

This is just the beginning. Our goal is the make this the ultimate destination for Scrum Masters and other team meeting facilitators, that leads to better meetings, better team feedback and insights, and ultimately, happier teams.

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