It’s time to inject a little bit of fun into our work life. I’m obviously not saying retrospectives aren’t fun – they absolutely should be. 

If you’re not finding your retrospectives fun, it’s time to check out our list of fun and effective exercises to try. [Insert link to the article here]

With that aside, let’s look at some memes that only those of us that have done retros will understand. 

1. If this doesn’t sum up retrospectives, what really does? How many of you have been in this same situation, and wondered about the irony of it all?

2. A similar type of vibe. As useful as retrospectives are, it can start to feel like a weird version of inception. 


3. I have to say, if this is your attitude to retrospectives, you’re doing them completely wrong. You should be excited and happy – perhaps you need to make them more fun? Mindful Team can help with this. 


4. That does seem like a pretty big problem, to be fair. 

5. Only words of true wisdom.

6. Some people cannot be taught.


7. Make sure you’re keeping your retrospectives fresh.

8. If you know, you know.


9. Don’t get our hopes up. 

10. That feeling… 

11. It just doesn’t happen. 


I hope you enjoyed these retrospective memes. If you have any you would like to share, please do! 


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