Mindful Team is a powerful and easy-to-use platform designed to help companies measure, visualise and improve the health and performance of their teams.

Slack Integration

Add the Mindful Team app to your Slack workspace and let the Mindful Panda bot automatically request and collect feedback from your team directly from the chat.



Presentation Mode

The platform automatically generates an agenda with the main topics for your team to discuss. It allows you to create actions and team norms directly from there as well as go through outstanding actions.


Team Dashboard

Mindful Team provides an overview of the team and makes it easy for the team to follow through on outstanding actions, team norms, team indicators and view your calendar.



Organisation Dashboard

The Enterprise plan gives you access to an Organisation Dashboard that provides you with an overview of all of your teams. It helps visualise trends across teams, monitor the health of a whole department or organisation and identify the areas of improvement for each of team.


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