Why Healthy Organizations Are More Productive

‘A strong positive culture can enhance employee engagement by 30%, resulting in up to a 19% increase in operating income, and a 28% increase in earnings.’ – PDR Senior Consultant Christine Mikhail.

Are you one of those organizations that have a culture deck no one in the company knows about? Do you even have a company culture deck? Have you ‘borrowed’ another company’s deck and put your logo on it?

I can name a few companies that have actually copied the culture deck of another company…YES.

I still remember what happened in the last company I was working for…

We got all called into a meeting room for a company culture ‘presentation’, when the slides started to roll, something was familiar to me…‘I think I’ve seen this deck before…but with a different logo on it…Ah yes! This is the culture deck of Netflix!”

Netflix’s culture deck went viral a few years ago and it still is. It has over 17M views so far on LinkedIn slideshare. AMAZING! Many companies have taken this deck as inspiration to create theirs…(and some companies just copied it).

On the other side, there are those executives who feel skeptical about the having a company culture defined for their business. They probably think that there’s no need to create a culture document – they’ve employed a few women and bought a pool table, so they’re DONE.

If this is YOU, I invite you to keep reading

Your company culture is NOT just a fancy deck to show around when someone asks.

A strong company culture is built over time and it NEEDS to be reflected by employee behaviour. A GREAT company culture has the power to align your organization’s people, processes, and workplace.

I recently read this quote from the Chief Revenue Officer of a company that was voted the “Best Place to Work” in an employee survey conducted in Kansas (USA). He says this about their culture:

“We will work hard to maintain our company culture of honesty, respect and transparency by embedding our core company values in everything we do” – Paul Hunt

The most important thing about your culture is that you believe in it and your employees believe in it EVEN more. When this is achieved…you have done a great job.

Let’s assume that you have started working on your culture or you’ve seen another company’s culture that you like and want to implement in your organization (hey, you need to start somewhere 😉 )

What do you do NEXT?

Well…this is the hard part: you must implement it and make sure everyone is on the same page.

But…HOW can you do this?

This is when Team Health Checks come into play.

Team Health Checks are based on the principles and values that are a part of your organization’s culture. These principles and values will be the indicators that will help you measure the health of your organization.

As Peter Drucker says…‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’

Running Team Health Checks will give you a clear picture of your company, the areas that need more work and the areas your teams are absolute masters of. A great tool for companies that are looking to implement a continuous improvement culture within their teams.

To sum up, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Define your culture. Identify your company values, principles and vision. Ideally you should create a presentation and make sure everyone in your company understands every single aspect.
  2. Run regular team health checks. From your company culture, extract a list of indicators that will help you visualize and understand the health of your organization.
  3. Take action. Empowered with the data coming from the health checks, you will be able to identify the areas of improvement and take action where needed.


So in CONCLUSION…If you want to BOOST your results and create a company that delivers VALUE to your employees and to the world, you need to wake up to the value of team health checks.

Have you awoken?

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