Our Story


Irene and Emma met after Emma sold Buddybounce (the business she co-founded) to Crowdmix in March 2016 and the two of them started working together. 


Soon afterwards Crowdmix went into administration (3 years after its creation) and Irene and Emma experienced first hand the scale-up challenge that is presented to startups.

Inspired by this experience and determined to help companies in a similar situation Emma and Irene travelled to Thailand and spent 3 months working on their idea. 

“ We want everyone to benefit from the power of reflection. ”

The ladies returned to London in January 2017, armed with the first prototype of Mindful Team and the business was born.

Mindful Team helps businesses create happy, high performing teams so they scale in a sustainable and strategic way. This is done by helping teams incorporate a continuous improvement culture based on reflection.

The Mindful Team Platform allows you to automate Team health checks and retrospectives to help teams reflect on their goals and take action to improve.

Irene and Emma are passionate about the benefits of reflection and they and their team are constantly working on new games and techniques.

An example of this is their new card game The Retrospective Game which sold out 2 weeks after its release.

This is just the beginning of their journey. Emma and Irene are on a mission to make the world of work a happier and more reflective place...full of Mindful Teams.