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The #1 mastermind and retrospective platform
On a mission to make 1,000,000 people happier and more productive. Run effective accountability sessions without the admin.
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Collect feedback before your meeting
Allow your participants to provide feedback before your meeting or session and receive it all from the dashboard in real-time.
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Tons of different templates to choose from
We've got formats and templates for any type of accountability group, mastermind or retrospective. Including scenarios from the Retrospective Game. You can even create your own!
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Video chat included
Run meetings and sessions that just work with video chat built into the online meeting room.
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Actionable Insights
Record and track attendee actions over time. View and implement change based on team health checks – from happiness to learning. Mindful Team helps you do it all.
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Health Checks
With Mindful Team you can also measure and track your team indicators, such as "delivering value", "communication", "teamwork", etc.
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Slack Integration
Add the Mindful Team app to your Slack workspace and let the Mindful Panda bot automatically request and collect feedback from your team directly from the chat.
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Time Saver
Less admin, shorter meetings. Create and schedule your team health checks and retrospectives in seconds. Mindful Team does the rest: attendee invites, feedback collection, agenda creation.
Memes Only People Who Have Done Retros Will Understand

  It’s time to inject a little bit of fun into our work life. I’m obviously not saying retrospectives aren’t fun – they absolutely should be.  If you’re not finding your retrospectives fun, it’s time to check out our list of fun and effective exercises to try. [Insert link to the article here] With that aside, let’s look at some memes that only those of us that have done retros will understand.  1. If this […]

How To Run A Retrospective That Works AND Is Fun

Ah, retrospectives, a fundamental aspect of an Agile team. However, making sure that your retrospectives are fun and effective can be challenging. Below, I’ve listed effective ways to run a retrospective, and how to make them fun. Don’t worry, they all work, too. 1. Express yourself This is a really simple retrospective exercise, that helps to gather the team’s ideas. This is really important as it can be difficult to express their true feelings or […]

The Path To A Mindful Team

TMindfulness; something we hear about all the time, but don’t seem to experience enough in our day-to-day life. Here at Mindful Team, we firmly believe that the world is lacking mindfulness, especially in work. It truly does make a world of difference – that’s why mega-corporations like Google and Nike have started to implement mindfulness in their business.  So, what is a mindful team, and how can you get one?  What is mindfulness? In it’s […]

Why you should measure teams instead of individuals performance

When it comes to work, we seem to always look at individual’s performance – how they’re doing, the tasks they have performed. However, what makes a company successful is when multiple ideas and voices come together. That’s why I believe that teams should be measured by their collective performance, rather than focusing on an individual. This way, a group can focus on how they can improve together, rather than focusing on separate needs. Let me […]

Which type of founder are you?

Building a company is hard; you need confidence, optimism, and talent to become an entrepreneur. You need to put the hard work to make a company which stands the test of time. Nobody says that it’s easy – you will run into challenges and bumps no matter how hard you work. But what if it’s the type of founder that you are that is causing problems to occur? Every founder is entirely different, and everybody […]

How I applied Agile principles to all areas of my startup

Agile principles were created as a solution to all the challenges that traditional teams had. Initially, they focused on software development, later evolving into overall team managing methodologies. This shift towards agile principles signifies a significant shift in attitudes, with many teams all over the world adopting them for their teams. I applied agile principles to my startup and felt the benefits almost immediately. I wanted to share this, so, other teams might be encouraged […]

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