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Why the Mindful Team Platform?

Mindful Team helps you run Health Checks and Retrospectives that help your team measure, track and take action on their productivity and morale. Start working towards a continuous improvement culture today.

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Image Mindful Team — Free 14 day trial no credit card required Try Now ↗
  1. 1

    An Integrated Tool

    Team members are able to provide their feedback via our Mindful Panda bot, so it becomes part of their workflow without the need of adding extra tools.

  2. 2

    Time Saver

    Schedule your team health checks and retrospectives. Mindful Team will automatically contact the team to collect their feedback.

  3. 3

    Actionable Insights

    Using the information collected Mindful Team provides insights to better understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses and track their actions and progress over time.

"Mindful Team let us free ourselves from the tyranny of the post-it! - collecting the teams thoughts early lead us to shorter, more focused retros."

Paul Stringer
Head Of Mobile - Equal Experts

"The team and I enjoy using Mindful. MT provides us with a tool to view discussions both in the room and by sharing the screen in video calls. We also love that we can add and track Actions and even get reminders."

Odette Meddemmen
Scrum Master - Martiz CX

"Mindful Team simplifies your retrospectives by providing a framework, capturing data and feedback, then tracking actions and more. This saves you time and effort, better spent building your product."

Gerard Fyson
Scrum Master - Sky Q

"Constantly improving tool that brings fun and diversity to the retro exercises. Also great and swift support and implementation of user’s ideas and suggestions!"

Sandra Herrmann
Scrum Master - Syniverse

How it works

Mindful Team is easy to us and offers an array of features. View the video below to see the platform in action.

Mindful Team — Free 14 day trial no credit card required Try Now ↗

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Mindful Team is a powerful and easy-to-use platform designed to help companies measure, visualise and improve the health and performance of their teams.

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Slack Integration

Add the Mindful Team app to your Slack workspace and let the Mindful Panda bot automatically request and collect feedback from your team directly from the chat.

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Presentation Mode

The platform automatically generates an agenda with the main topics for your team to discuss. It allows you to create actions and team norms directly from there as well as go through outstanding actions. 

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Mindful Team provides an overview of the team and makes it easy for the team to follow through on outstanding actions, team norms, team indicators and view your calendar.

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1-4 Team Members

  • Team Health Checks
  • Over 15 retrospective techniques
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Basic customer support
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5-50 Team Members

£1 Per User per Month, GBP. Value
  • Everything in Basic
  • Create your own templates
  • Create your own indicators
  • Premium support
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50+ Team Members

REQUEST Per User per Month, GBP.
  • Everything in Premium
  • Organisation Dashboard
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  • Enterprise Support & Single Sign-On
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